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    Let’s go somewhere. Let’s go anywhere. Photo by @alenpalander
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    Hey y’all, so this is one of those posts where we ask you to comment so we know who all is following. This community has always been about shared experience, a love of stories, small towns, adventure, and makers, and we want to reach as many people as possible...so we’re asking you to comment on this post if you’re following along. We’re working really hard to make sure we have interesting and engaging content both digitally and in print and the more folks that see it the more it benefits everyone. Plus...anyone that comments will be entered to win one of our August American Made boxes!
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    Y’all it’s hot as heck in NYC...let’s all head up to Banff, okay, sound good? Photo by @jwirtalla
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    Find your tribe, your group, your people and hold on to them. Celebrate life with them. We often times talk about the negatives of the social media driven world....but we forget to celebrate this world brings us together and allows us to befriend people because of shared interests rather than simply geographic proximity. Facebook has been reminding me of a trip @lukeditella and @melissa_ditella invited me on a few years ago and I am so thankful to get to live in a world where I know people like them.
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    It’s amazing how the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest often times feel similar to the waterfalls of Iceland. I’m pretty sure the universe is telling us all we need to go see some waterfalls. This one is from Oregon with @paige_tingey
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    I’ve been applying for jobs lately, and wow is it draining. If anyone knows of any good jobs...DM me lol. The idea that our history, our skills, our talent, our strengths, and all the things we bring to the table is reduced down to single sheet resume is terrifying. So, here are some photos I shot in Iceland of waterfalls.
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    Tag your favorite bear! Photo by @benmurphy.photography
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    In the current issue of FOLK @nathanomalley shares a photo essay from Iceland. These however are some of his photos from Joshua Tree. You can get the new issue on our website (link in profile)
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    Friday moods by @jakeling
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    Over the weekend Ethan and I decided to stay in the city and celebrate summer. @hoteltonight was our go to for finding a last minute hotel. We took advantage of the HotelTonight’s Daily Drop for an extra 30% off their already low rates on a specially selected hotel in your area. You’ll get a new Daily Drop each day, but you only have fifteen minutes to take advantage of it. Sometimes a #staycation is just the perfect excuse to be a tourist in your own city. Tomorrow I’ll share my travel guide from the weekend on the blog, but today here are a few moments from our hotel @theevelynnyc and a snap Ethan took of the Empire State Building. (If you’re feeling the urge to grab a last minute summer hotel anywhere in the US use code BASHBY8 for $25 off! See the link in my profile. Stay tuned for the short and sweet city guide tomorrow.
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    Wonderland. Canadian Rockies. Photo by @braybraywoowoo
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    The American Dream is one that has changed and evolved over the years. For some it began generations ago on a wooden boat crossing the Atlantic to find life in a foreigners land. For some it began a millennia ago while crossing a frozen patch of the arctic in search of a truly uncharted land. For some it was a grandfather journeying from Ellis Island with a leather satchel and the promise of a new life on the Frontier. Regardless of where we are or who we are today we were all the future generations of roots that started with a dream of wide open spaces, new lives, and the promise and hope that life would be better and brighter for the generations to come. Today may we all remember that we are all a part of this magnificent empire because someone, someone with the very same blood that flows through our veins, dreamt of a better life for us, and fought, and struggled, and risked it all to get us to where we are today. May we celebrate our own freedoms and comforts today by remembering that we must ensure this same dream is extended to others, just like it was once extended to us. History will remember us by how we as a nation treated the world around us, just as much as they’ll remember us for the lands we’ve conquered, the empires we’ve built, and the advancements we’ve made. Happy Independence Day! Photo by @bertymandagie